JAH Love Vintage was created in Prince George's County, MD established January 2022 by me, JahRel.

Like many of the entrepreneurs today, I was sitting at home bored at the beginning of the pandemic. I was thinking to myself, I wanted to be able to say I learned something new/ picked up a new hobby while we were all on lock down not knowing how long it would be.

 By June of 2020 I brought my first embroidery machine, I started embroidering hats and masks for friends and family for free until I felt I was ready to sell my merchandise. Shortly after, I got bored with just doing hats and masks and wanted to branch out and do more apparel. By Black Friday of 2020 I brought my first sewing machine, and I started making all types of custom-made apparel. By 2021, I was a one-man band machine! With all the knowledge I've gained in creating clothing, and different equipment/machines and material I had acquired up to that point. it was time to make my brand official, so by 2022 it was go time!

My Handmade garments, UPCYCLED fashion, AUTHENTIC Kente fabrics and 1 of 1 designs are SUPERIOR!


To provide high quality and original sustainable fashion to individuals with a positive outlook on life. Also, to make upcycled fashion accessible to the mass market through my collections. I resonate with those who uplift their community and inspire those around them to be great!